Professional Client Engagement and Projects

Previous Client Engagements, Employers and Projects

RD has served as a leader in various client engagements at the following companies and or their subsidiaries: Unilever Global Infrastructure Organization [GIO], Unilever Home and Personal Care, Unilever Best Foods, Unilever North America, Marathon Oil, NovaCare  Inc, Kraft Foods, Stonebreakers, Breyers Icecream, Oscar Mayers,  Oscar Mayers Lunchables,  Capri Sun, Koolaide, Micro Integration, Global Edge Technologies Group and CFI Crowdfunding Incubator.


Major Client Engagements / Projects
  • RCI Web Presence [Relationship Capital Institute]
    • Conceptualized, designed and developed a Social Media based WordPress presence to host management and human resource management content created by RCI editors. This presence required coordination with business strategy planning and objectives and employed SEO tactics and training for the management to ensure sustainability of the site based on a virtual and all volunteer teams.
  • HouseNet portal Self-serve [BDG, LLC]
    • Provided project management consulting and assistance in delivering the formal presentation of a proposal for the full life-cycle creation of a self serve portal for the US House of Representatives.
  • PlumTree Portal [Unilever]
    • Managed the Project to deliver the  implementation of Plumtree portal in corporate DMZ to support the sales teams and their respective applications in North America.
  • Global Service Request [Unilever]
    • Managed the project tasked with gathering of requirements to support the implementation of SunID Management tools across five global regions. Gathered current operations processes and re-engineer/negotiate a standardization of ITIL compliant processes for provisioning user and applications, accounts and hardware compliant with organizational standards.
  • NA Consolidated Messaging Project [Unilever]
    • PM the Migration of 16,000 North American email users to a  new Linux based architecture minimizing the impact to the users base and coordinating 6 other projects with overlapping time lines and system conflicts.
  • Gentran OS Migration [Unilever]
    • Managed the project to migrate the Current Mainframe based Gentran product to a Unix based High availability Cluster and consolidate Best Foods and Home and Personal Care database instances to this platform.
  • Aztec Scripting Lab Application Program [Unilever]
    • Managed an outsourced Indian project team tasked with scripting of desktop and laptop application suites specific to the needs of 13 separate business unit’s. Scripting and user acceptance testing (UAT) was in scope and the applications were deployed via  SMS to 10,000+ hosts across North America.
  • Wise Scripting QA [Marathon Oil]
    • Team scripted several hundred applications for SMS deployment in new Windows 2000 environment as Project QA team manager.


  • Leadership Skills. Quickly establishes rapport and is able to engender trust with team members. Appropriately communicate intention to be a value-add portion of teamwork and support in the workplace. Always have teams’ best interest and that of the organization at heart when mentoring,  providing guidance or recommendations.
  • Strong Work Ethic. Tirelessly motivated and dedicated to getting the job done with integrity and honesty. Willing to communicate hard truths to management to maintain personal and project integrity.
  • Positive Attitude. Always optimistic, cooperative and upbeat; endeavoring to generate good energy as a relationship capitalist.
  • Good Communication Skills. Verbally articulate and a good listener with an acute awareness of how people think,; can make the necessary case for and express individual and organizational needs in a way that builds bridges with stakeholders, colleagues, customers and vendors.
  • Time Management Abilities. Quickly and dynamically prioritizing objectives while working on a number of different projects at once;  uses resources wisely and with a critical eye to outcomes and risks.
  • Problem-Solving Skills. Reliant on a wide array of business context experience and applying common sense; am able to creatively solve problems that will inevitably arise. Takes ownership of problems as a believer in the “culture of accountability” and expects the same of project team members as well as business and personal associates.
  • A Team Player. Works well in groups and teams and is  able to find the middle ground and play the peacemaker when positioned to do so. Always cooperative, takes a leadership role when appropriate and excels in inter-cultural communication and team building opportunities.
  • Self-Confidence. Believe one can attain the results the project committed to deliver. Projects a sense of calm purpose and inspires confidence in others.  Has the courage to ask questions that need to be asked and to freely, firmly and respectfully contribute ideas and recommendations without deference to those in positions of power.
  • Ability to Accept and Learn From Criticism. Is able to handle criticism as well as be coach-able and open to learning and growing personally and professionally.
  • Flexibility/Adaptability to suit Changing Situations. Is am able adapt to new situations and challenges;  embracing change and is open to new ideas and perspectives. This adaptability allows confidence in handling the stress and uncertainty that accompanies crises and changing strategy or tactics.

Technical Skills

  • Social Media / Web 2.0 – Blogs, Podcasts, SEO, Networks, Analytics
  • Website Creation & Platforms – HTML, MS Frontpage, WordPress, Joomla
  • Project / Process Management – Microsoft Project, MS Visio, Mindjet
  • General Applications – Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Adobe Acrobat & Photo Shop