Week 12 – I Persist Until I Succeed, I Win!

You Gotta Be Willing To Take The Hits


A commitment to persist is a key habit leading to success writes Og Mandino. Sly Stallone age 69, is a success and he says, “you me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life but, it ain’t about how hard you’re hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”.

These two men have similar thoughts on views on persistence. Like the young bulls described in the scroll marked III. They were to be scored based on their persistence and how many times they tried again, and again to charge the Picadors.

It has been this week that resolve’s head has been raised. Just as Mark said on our Sunday Mastermind, it has been the renewed Guy in the Glass exercise. Looking yourself in the eye, and in the long view of life, stating that you will not attempt to deceive yourself or others because. So, that combined with daily promises to follow-thru and succeed on delivering my hand-written charter called the DMP.

The above seems a strain to keep up and then… this message in my email; and my “struggles” seems just an excuse!

I’m just completing my post and see an email come from one of my associates from within the Master Key Experience (MKMMA) course. It’s Day Boswell and she has a post entitled Week 12 – Tis the Season … of Family. Now I know there are those here in the mastermind on whom Sly Stallone (aka Rocky Balboa) has nothing on them in the way of persistence in the face of life kicking them around a bit!

Just read her post and see how she easily steps, like a matador to one side, of life’s big challenges with poise and a grounded spirit that almost defies comprehension. Family passing, new children coming into the world, pointed emotional conversations with other family, daughter in surgery needing support and yet the thinker, compassionate side shines through as only Rudolph could to light the way for others to follow. Thank you Day for the exemplary life you lead, sharing it with others like myself in the Master Key Mastermind and for increasing the harmony across the fabric of our lives as your boat raises all others in this harbor.


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119 Replies to “Week 12 – I Persist Until I Succeed, I Win!”

  1. All of Day’s qualities that you see and admire, Bob, are the same as those that others see in you! By letting your light shine for others to see, you are helping all of us to let our light shine as well! You are becoming a giant in the realm of self-leadership! 🙂 Love that!!!

  2. This is inspiring because you shine the light that you have. You are very talented and giving.. I am glad that you and Day are in my journey. Looking forward to seeing your videos on TwitterFeed and ManageFlitter.

  3. Great Blog Bob. Thank you for sharing. Love how you explained the habit of persistence and that even though we all have struggles in life one thing is for shore that some else’s struggles are worse than our own so in truth we need to be grateful for everything we face daily and send our love to those who are less fortunate than us. Love and Gratitude to all.

    1. Loucas, seeing the difficulties of others also helps me develop compassion and empathy; so many benefits if we just let go of Ego!

      1. Robert I noticed your post was at 145 AM is that when you do your 5 minutes? Lol However, really how do you do this? Is this an automatic response?

  4. Yes! I admire my own Mother who I see doing so much, and altough I see her at her best and her worst I LOVE that above all else SHE ALWAYS KEEPS GOING!
    Again and again, where others quit, and make excuses to Stop.
    NEVER will I EVER Give up.
    BECAUSE, I Know I can do it and You Can too!
    “Together We are Strong” -Joshua Rosenthal

    Just Keep Going…….

    1. Kandra, my parents are the same; what a stellar example they are right… My Dad retired from IBM one day and next day started his own woodworking business and is still doing that every day 8- 10hrs at 80 years old. It keeps him young! I love it because that means he will be with me for a longer than those who quit, Love ya Dad!!

    1. Thank you so much. No matter the shape of your head, you’re in my mastermind and I’ll take all the input from fruits, vegetables and occasionally a nut or two 🙂 #MKE

  5. I’m literally blushing here. Thanks SO much for the support. While I’m with my daughter during recovery, I can feel the love and healing energy coming from everyone. THANK YOU!!!!!

    1. Day, if there is anything I can do, albeit from afar beyond sending the energy and blessing your family’s way, just let me know. Thank you for your example and leadership in the digital space of the #MKE; what a blessing to us all to have you here! May Peace and Love fill all your journeys 🙂

    1. Jeanne, yes, it struck me that the Rock video was the one layer for those wanting to tough it out but, what a blessing to have Day exemplify the real type of persistence I am reaching for. That Buddha-like allowing that understands that all will work out for the best for all concerned if Ego can simply be set aside. Thanks so much for your comment and your tweet!

    1. Mark, the content I cannot claim as mine… I’ve been the brute “trying” to force change; enter #MKE. Not it is stepping to one side to allow things I chose not to empower to pass without affect. It is such a thrilling way to operate. I feel I can one day be David Carradine.

  6. Bob, I go home late and was eating my dinner my wonderful Wife made, turned on the Webby with DC. and you popped up. I was glad to see you and loved to listen to your kind and wise words of experience. So I came here to leave a comment and read you blog and went to “Days” blog. The essence of Love is oooozzzzing out of her words and life. My day was long and the drive home was busy driving and listening to DMP, POA, BPB and GS #3. Now I feel energized just touching the lives of a few people. I appreciate what you did to share Day’s blog and did not know you could do such a thing. I am grateful for one more thing today. YOU

    1. Robert, in addition to sharing our first names, I think we share much more. I appreciate the hard-earned gratitude you are exposing as you chip away the cement. I have been more ego-driven than I care to admit and seeing. reading of your journey and the loving, caring man under the maybe gruff exterior gives me hope, and gratitude that I have you in this journey with me brother. Peace and quietude I hope for your nightly sacred time.

      Like a child learning piano or my ABCs I must practice feeling, without ego and letting go of those things that don’t serve me and committing to subby’s memories, moments and shared experience to use in times of need. These combined with the Law of Substitution and Practice, Practice, Practice my friend as we get better and better everyday at living a new life filled with unlimited choices and the confidence to choose!

    1. Marilyn, the Universe provides always. I was needing something to balance the bull in the china shop approach Rocky presented with a real-life example, less celebrity persona to juxtapose in the post. Within hours of knowing what I needed, I saw Day’s post. She exudes a strength I wanted to emulate and thought maybe others would want to follow her lead as well. Give more, get more right… she is dues one hell of a Christmas don’t you think?

  7. Thank you so much for sharing on the webinar this evening, Bob. Much appreciated. Great job on your blog as well! Love how you have created such a sense of community here on your page. It’s a pleasure to connect.

    1. Daniel, Thanks so much for reading and replying to my post. Yes, I try to encourage conversation. This is the only vehicle we have to find shared and treasured experiences and influences and can pass value throughout the matrix which is the human condition… Life. With this immersion into #MKE, it has become an adventure of epic proportion rivaling any Hollywood script. What a blast!

      By the Way, I share your penchant for long sentences… not so much exercise and kettlebells, that would be work! LOL

    1. Darren, I really appreciate your participating in the Digital Connections Masterminding. It helps to have many differing views and yours is welcome here anytime 🙂

  8. Hi Bob – the guy in the glass, you mentioned, is a guy to be reckoned with every day! Sounds like you’re charging ahead full steam. Great to meet you on this adventure! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Cheers!

    1. Dennis, it is completely my pleasure to share this journey with all its ups, downs and learning things that really matter… people and relationships are key and the Master Key helps us understand the most important person in our lives; ourselves. I’m ready to report today’s accomplishments to that Guy In The Glass.

    1. Chuck, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Are there any perspectives that particularly ring true for you?

  9. Thank you Bob! The video was a great reminder of persistence. Your vision was even more poignant for me. No excuses. Not age, not circumstance, not past or present. Looking in the mirror with truth and honest reflection. A decision to use the laws….substitution, forgiveness, growth. Thank you for your encouragement. Blessings!

    1. Dominica, thanks so much for reading and for sharing my post on Twitter. Collaboration makes all boats in a harbor rise in unison 🙂

  10. Love the video, thank you for inclusion in your blog post. The similarities of Og and Sly too. Kudos for you raising up a fellow MKMMA member on her week 12 post, which raises you, as well! Give more, get more.

    1. Patty, thank you for your remarks on my post; it is fascinating to me to see others gain a foothold with these new thought patterns and make real, lasting changes in their lives. I can’t help but want to shout it from the roofs when they find their/the truth!

  11. Gramma always told me to get up and dust myself off. Then get back on and ride. Persistence to persevere. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Terri, your grandmother was a smart lady! Feel free to remind me of anything you discover in the #MKE, masterminding is a great way to learn and see results others are achieving!

  12. Wow Bob! When most of us are looking for connections between Haanel and Mandino, you go and top all of us by connecting to Rocky Balboa. Brilliant!

  13. Yes I’m loving the reading of this scroll in OG GS…Persistence does change the game….I appreciate you sharing.

    1. Robert, thank you for your comments. I too find that the more I read Og, the more I find of me buried under all the cement. Og is just a wrecking ball!

    1. Thanks Jeff. truly! Journaling is such a blast. All I have to do is think out loud 🙂 It’s the images, videos and voices in the minds of others that does all the aggrandizing for me 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading my post and for being open to encouragement. Dedication and persistence are certainly hallmarks of success in any pursuit. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  14. Thanks for the encouragement of keeping up with the persistance. I tend to get a bit lazy with some of the exercises, but as Og says ‘I build my castle one brick at a time, as I know small attempts, repeated, complete any undertaking.

  15. I too feel I am being raised through all this sharing. Every one who gets in here and reads and shares can’t help but grow in some way!

    1. Ross, absolutely! It’s a great feeling to be part of the large whole; a commitment to becoming better as individuals such that all benefit and we are able to touch others with some of those new habits as examples.

  16. Thank you Bob for your relevant review of persistence and most of all your gratitude shown and recognition of someone else’s compassion and personal experiences in relation to our MKMMA journey. I taught high school students 12 years and always reminded them that all individuals have a need to be recognized, I was using that concept to teach them basics of saying hello and goodbye to their teammates at work. Your example is so poignant in relation to our learning process. Thank you.

    1. Patti, the shouting from the roof about Day’s commitment to the task and to her loved ones represents a yearning to be similar. Like you with the students, helping them gain the life insights is a satisfaction rarely experience by the majority and only vaguely remembered by those lucky enough to have stumble upon it. We, as MKMMA participant are getting the step-by-step recipe… here’s to all of us becoming master chefs!!

  17. You’re a great person Bob and a great observer and giver to boot! Loved reading Day’s blog. Thank you for the persistence and guy in the glass reminders!

    1. Dave, thank you for your kind words. It’s always nice to have friends to remind us what we committed to be doing right… Have a Happy New Year!

    1. Michael, thanks for commenting. In my younger years I was a gym-rat but, now my schedule is filled with more thought-focused pursuits 🙂 Hope to do more posts like this one where many find it fits for them.

    1. Norma, I agree completely. The older I get, the more I tend to allow flow to happen and stop forcing them. The Peaceful Journey is where its at… as long as we persist in the pursuit of being better at being who we are, truly.

    1. Debbie, only too happy to a part of any #MKMMA #Mastermind Success is mine now and more just around the next bend in the road…

    1. Bruce, thank you reading my blog post. I’m grateful to Day to have so personally put forward how it’s done. A leader like Day engenders the appreciation of those watching their actions. It’s a classic example of “Give More, Get More”; I couldn’t help it… the Universe and the Law of Growth made me do it 🙂

    1. Roz, thank you for reading my post and for your thoughtful recognition of truth. Here’s to more finding the truth in 2016; Happy New Year 🙂

  18. Thank you for your post, Bob. It’s awesome that you included Stalone in as he is one of my favourite actors! You wrote about someone else in your post….. I think that’s great. All the best to you.

    1. Katia, thanks so much for the read of my post. I’m pretty darn happy to have found a group consisting of people like Day and yourself to learn and mastermind with. Here’s to our continued growth together in the New Year!

  19. I enjoyed reading your blog. And, I was grateful that you shared Day Boswell’s story and encouraged us to read it too. May you have continued success as you persist.

    1. Monica, Day warrants a look each week. I know I watch for her next blog post with a degree of excitement to learn from her as well as others. Persist I am…

  20. Robert, you are an amazing man. You are on your own journey but isn’t it great when someone comes along and shows you another fork in the road? Keep blogging. We will learn from each other.

    1. Barbara, thank you for your compliments. It’s going to be a Happy New Year with fellow students like you as part of my Peaceful Journey 🙂

  21. Thanks for this posting.

    I think that there are many kinds of persistence. There is the rough tough persistence of Rocky Balboa and then there is the gentle persistence and that you describe in Day. Persistence can be the patience of a chess master waiting for the right move or the power of a freight train.

    We also can choose our emotions. Persistence does not have to be angry. It can be joyful and graceful or simply constant.

    1. Lallah, you are absolutely right; a calmer more uplifting persistence is the preferred in my opinion.

    1. We all need them Nisa. Thanks for reading my blog and for your kind expression of gratitude. Have a Happy New Year!

  22. Very good blog Robert. Is Sylvester Stallone is not my favorite actor, I am very impressed by this huge and fantastic persistence to continue to be what he is. Thanks for sharing and opening my mind with your blog

    1. Dominique, I too do not have Stallone in my top ten actors list either but, the roles he play are at the top of my list. The Hero’s Journey is always portrayed in simple format and it is easy to identify with the character. That was my intent. His skill in selecting roles for himself that fit what he wants to communicate with such integrity is a core element. I do like Christopher Walken similarly in that his quirky attitude is all his and he selects scripts that afford him absolute integrity to the role. He is “a unique creature of nature” as we have just begun to learn from Og Mandino’s Scroll IV.

  23. Yo, Bob! You did an amazing job bringing to life the persistence of Rocky and Og. AND, you even gracefully shed light on another’s path and story. You win! Thank you!

    1. Pamela, The credit goes to Day on this one; she is the one who shared this very personal experience with no expectation of reciprocity… only to provide a stepping stone to our mastermind community to engender more faith that we all can achieve our DMPs not matter the obstacles. Her generosity is what energized me to share on my blog and to twitter followers the values and lessons I learned from her.

      I look forward to more of the same from Emerson’s Law of Compensation, the Law of Growth and our Master Keys Mastermind…

    1. Randy, the pleasure is all mine to be a part of this group of great minds, freshly infused with Enthusiasm!

    1. Cherylan, Thank you for reading my post and for sharing that it had value for you… It’s for that reason that we are all learning to blog; so we can derive value from each other’s journey, experiences and insights into achieving our DMP!

    1. Eleanor, thanks so much for reading my blog, tweeting about it and for your supportive comments. Persistence always pays off!

  24. Congratulations on being the featured blog of the week. I truly enjoyed your writing, and sharing of your MKMMA colleague.
    I am glad you made to commitment to MKMMA, your journey continues one step forward.
    I am grateful to being able to enthused and encouraged by you.
    Thank you.

    1. Julia, thank you so much for reading and sharing your enthusiasm for the MKMMA course and a fellow mastermind contributor 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Ron, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Your post on Franklin’s Makeover tool was awesome!

    2. Ron, thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you found value in it. I really liked your recent post in the Ben Franklin tools we are learning about. Keep up the great posts!

  25. You describe the importance of persistence so well and then add in the power of the Master Mind when you tell us about Day Boswell. You have to do it alone but you can’t so it yourself. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Terrence, thank you so much for taking the time to really read and think on my post. I am so grateful that you got something from it to take away, your own unique thought. As we both know, thoughts and principles are the two things that endure and give our lives firm footing to build from. Hoping your have a week filled with kindness continued from last week 🙂

  26. Mahalo’s Bob for sharing your post and I LOVE the way you also shared Day’s Blog post NOW that’s Living the #MasterKeyExperience Givers Get!

    1. Lorelei, thank you so much for your kind comments. It really is not so hard to follow such great examples as Mark and Davene and our wonderful guides… Just dump the ego and Do It! Ez-Pz, Lol

  27. Great reminder not to be alone as you persist and move forward. Sharing the journey is important and makes it all the more easier and worthwhile.

    1. Bronwen, absolutely! masterminding is the only way to go. Thanks for sharing this peaceful journey with me 🙂

    1. Aleisha, your are too kind, Thank You! Inspiration is always a wonderful gift to give and receive as it’s value may linger a lifetime and effect generations. As you may be able to tell, one of my PPNs is Legacy 🙂 You have fulfilled that in simple responding, Thank you again and have a splendid, kindness-filled week!

    1. Michael, it’s my pleasure. I must admit, asking myself questions, hard questions is and exercise I am really falling in love with. It cuts out the BS (having a conversation with the man in the mirror) and gets straight to the heart of the matter. As someone once said, “You Can Have Results or Excuses”; I prefer results!

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