Week 20 – You Wake Up Suddenly and You’re In Life

Suddenly - Billy Ocean

I was listening to some really beautiful music and suddenly I saw a new perspective to the lyrics. Given what we have been learning with the Master Key System, suddenly I see that the love I would be singing of would be my renewed love of life. New warmth, kindnesses and observations that make all I see new. It’s just like the first crush; life can be a new experience if, like my master mind friend Robert Rea [Week 19 – So many things Touch ME] urges all he meets to maintain focus on only the moment we are in.

Robert has been able to not only adopt but, more so infuse his entire being with the teaching of Haanel and Og Mandino to the point that people sense his power whenever he is near. Is not this the light shining on a hill that the carpenter from Galilee spoke of. There are many in our midst to emulate, teachers to learn from and brothers and sisters who are on the same “dynamic flow of giving and receiving” we’ve all been yearning for.

Reflect again back to the lyrics and rhythm of Billy Ocean’s song and find the emotions he’s sharing, replace the word love with “Love of Life” where it fits and find your own meaning. The woman he’s courting is the newly revealed golden Buddha, it’s the real you. It’s our future friend from our Thursday night dates.

Now I’m really going to stretch you. Think of the 99.99% nothingness within the atoms that make up all matter, including your body and mine. Haanel tells us that matter is not the ideal MIND is the ideal and is the cause for every effect. As that is the case, then the positive side of all contrasts are the positive polarity we are seeking.

If we are to give more to get more then, to give it to whom? With Emerson’s Law of Compensation, who are we really giving to or taking from if we are in our negative aspect? This yet unnamed love is ourselves via the universal. Now, go through these lyrics again and see if your perspective as the observer has changed, it did for me. Forgiveness had logic not surrender and loss of ego, life had power multiplied like taffy folder over and over on itself to the perfect texture and like this song, waves on the shore I feel a perfect, rhythmic ebb and flow to every effect I create with my mind; the one and only Cause.

Thank goodness I’ve woken up, Suddenly!

Billy Ocean – Suddenly (2009)

I used to think that love was just a fairy tale
Until that first hello, until that first smile
But if I had to do it all again
I wouldn’t change a thing ’cause this love is everlasting

Life has new meaning to me
There’s beauty up above and things we never take notice of
You wake up and suddenly you’re in love


Girl, you’re everything a man could want and more
One thousand words are not enough to say what I feel inside
Holding hands as we walk along the shore
Never felt like this before now, you’re all I’m living for

Life has new meaning to me
There’s beauty up above and things we never take notice of
You wake up and suddenly you’re in love

Each day
I pray
This love affair would last forever
Ooh, hoo

Life has new meaning to me
There’s beauty up above and things we never take notice of
You wake up, suddenly you’re in love

There’s beauty up above and things you never take notice of
You wake and suddenly you’re in love


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35 Replies to “Week 20 – You Wake Up Suddenly and You’re In Life”

    1. It’s always my pleasure Dominica! I just love that he portrays the loving, calm centered and balanced man I would become 🙂

  1. I feel an undulating, calming peace emanating from you to those around you, Bob. I sense it comes from your core, and because of that, binds us all together so much more. Billy Ocean sings like his name implies. What a wonderful name it is. I have heard this song so many times before, yet now because of you, Bob, having connected it to a face, Billy Ocean’s, to your mastermind partner’s, mine, and of course yours – and to all who have read, and to all who have yet to read what you’ve written, this song – melody and lyrics – does have new meaning to me. Suddenly. Thank you.

    1. What pleasant way to prepare for our Sunday call… seeing your message educed the feelings I wanted from this post for others to feel. It is true, that which we give away returns to us… Thank you so much Lorelei!

    1. Don, thank you so much for your #kind remarks about the material. Friday’s is my day to feel and sense what in my environment and my existing passions has been leading me toward the MKMMA experience. Thank you again 🙂

    2. Don, it’s our recent training and commitment to the habits that help the mind think in different ways. We’re all in this together, in harmony, just as in the song Suddenly…

    1. Thank Dominica for noticing and reading my blog. It’s wonderful to get feedback and confirmation that others feel or can at least understand my ramblings 🙂

    2. Dominica, I am overwhelmed with #Kindness from all the comments. Nearly a thousand hits to the site today. The power in this movement is amazing; There’s #NothingLikeIt!

    1. Brony, I saw this video and felt the same… the artist name being Billy Ocean just added to the metaphor of being in the flow and the rhythm of the life we all in this course are reaching for was serendipitous for sure. Thank you for visiting and your #kind observations and feedback.

  2. This is absolutely WONDERFUL, Robert…
    Yes. Love… 🙂 and you are definitely IN IT!!
    I think you’re going to love this week’s webinar!

    1. Yes Trish, I definitely loved this week’s webinar. Even more so than the individual webinars is the knowledge that I am among such harmony, yoked together to achieve our individual goals, and additionally “being the change” that is the petri dish of this movement. It’s such a joy to be here, thank you for reading and sharing your #kind remarks.

    1. Alan, I don’t know why it struck me but, I’m glad it did. It is now one of those tunes and images that helps me build my library for the Law of Substitution when needed 🙂

    1. Ron, it is my pleasure (and a joy-filled assignment) I look forward to almost as much as my sit each day. I thank you for reading it!

    1. Thank you Daniel! I am a late-blooming-blue so here’s my helping others effort. I’m glad you enjoyed it for sure 🙂

  3. Love that Billy’s clip was made in Australia – even in Melbourne, my home town.
    Suddenly – delivered with passion and feeling. It fits beautifully with what we are learning and experiencing through MKMMA. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nola, how cool is that in that Billy filmed this in your neck of the woods! I hadn’t seen him since the late 80s and early 90s. His energy is what drew me in along with the perfect material for the play on words. Thank you again for commenting.

  4. What a great link of Billy’s song and the idea that it is ourselves we have to love first! Thank you for these inspiring thoughts.

    1. Anne, thank you for your comments and for your sharing your journey with us on the webinar. I have such a strong reaction and empathy when you speak so openly. You are a great encouragement to me to be better than I am and be firm in my emotional boundaries that I set and keep with others. As a blue, it is hard not to see allowing others to sometimes take advantage of my helpfulness as generosity toward them. In the end, I know (and have learned many times over, lol) that this is my life lesson. Have a blessed day and peace-filled week. I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts through the ether 🙂

  5. Great job! Beautiful chice of song. Its interesting as I was searching the give more get more…and it being thought as haanel said…
    have to sit on that for I get it but only partially.
    What I do get is the more I be it naturally leaks out in all directions.
    The more I get tangled in the small ness of what we see physically the more I need to shrink to fit and it does not feel good and the feeling is clear.

  6. Isn’t music the voice of the soul? So powerful.
    I too have felt this several times throughout the Master Key Experience.
    Mahalo for sharing.

    1. Dan, I find that I go back to all the recordings my subby has and one just seems to pop to the top when I need a little inspiration. It is my pathway to the infusing of the required emotion as I am a bit of mild-manner type of guy. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Love your post and your thoughts Bob, Love truly is the gift. Your thoughts are and will continue inspiring others. Great job my friend!

    1. David, you and all my family at the Master Key Alliance are far too kind but, appreciated beyond measure. If I contribute, it is only a reflection of the Universal that connects us all. Thank you for your reading and commenting on my blog post.

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