Marathon Oil Wise Scripting

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RD Watkins inks Wise Scripting contract with Marathon Oil of Findlay, Ohio. USA.

Marathon Oil has contracted with Robert D. Watkins via Darwin Partners (recruiters), to assist in the scripting of approximately 1200 application to support their transformation of their current Windows NT 4.0 environment to a full Windows 2000 SMS enabled and automated application environment.

This will require the gathering of multiple divisional application requirements as well as the User Acceptance Testing and Quality Assurance to deliver the most accurate replication of current business functionality to the 10,000 desktops involved. As part of a team that varied from 5 – 18 scripters, and with input from Microsoft who will be on-site, this team will deliver the application aspects of the new Windows 2000 Desktop.

NovaCare Y2K Remediation

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NovaCare Rehabilitation requests Robert D. Watkins to assist in Y2K remediation effort for Eastern region offices.

NovaCare Rehabilitation, a provider of medical therapy and injury rehabilitation, has contracted with RD Watkins to assist in the Y2K assessment and remediation of the Pittsburgh & Baltimore office and the implementation of RainTree Billing software in three new locations in Illinois.

Currently, the NovaCare Facilities need backup and Disaster recovery procedures designed and implemented. The Baltimore office is also to be consolidated into the Pittsburgh office. This move will require the design of an integrated DB to merge the accounts receivable and the movement of all data equipment to the Pittsburgh location.

Kraft Foods Y2K Consulting

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Robert D. Watkins signs on to assist various clients, including Kraft Foods, with Networking and Y2K consulting.

MI Corp also needs consultant to provide network and project resources to the Kraft Foods company in the eastern US. The primary facility was in Winchester Virginia where Kraft produces Caprisun and Koolaid. Other Facilities RD will service include the Oscar Meyer plant in Coshocton, OH., StoneBreaker Milk products in Youngstown, OH. and  two Breyers Facilities in upstate NY. Each of these plants require full Y2K Remediation from the desktop to the PLC’s on the manufacturing line and upgrades of software and hardware suitable to reduce the impending risks.

MI Interim Webmaster and Dial-up Support Role Contract

Interim Webmaster role is inked between Robert D. Watkins and MI Corp supporting hosting and dial-up divisions.

RD Watkins was recruited as the interim webmaster by the owner of MI Corp to assist the Internet division in supporting the 4200 dial up customers and the 100+ hosting clients they had acquired over the last two years. From Mac,  DOS Interim Webmasterand Windows clients to router dial up troubleshooting and account setup and dealing with UUNet and Network Solution for backbone configuration, RD will lead this space maintenance and transition.

As UUNet charges increase Robert will also be tasked to gather the info to assess other backbone providers, then make a seamless transition from the current provider and IP address scheme to the new provider and the allocated IP addresses. This will require learning the details of the Cisco 2500 system as well as the Portmaster hardware + digiboard solution used to accept inbound dial-up modems calls from clients. With this new knowledge RD will assist in the configuration of parallel networks for the above mentioned transition.

Freelance Webmaster

Freelance WebmasterImage by Swansea Photographer via Flickr

Robert D. Watkins begins contracting as a Freelance Webmaster in the Cumberland, MD Area.

Two potential commercial clients have engaged RD Watkins to build several web sites to publish on the web. Tonoloway Lodge and Colors Inc. both need web presences to grow their bricks and mortar businesses.

Below is a link to a current website I have designed and now act as the webmaster for in addition to this site as well as

  • –  Online Mall.
  • Tonoloway Lodge – Executive Retreat booking site.
  • Colors, Inc. – Web site.