Week 14 – I Am The Fire – I Promise To Myself, Me And No One Else

“I Promise To Myself, Me And No One Else”

When I heard this song and this particular lyric line I felt a chill run through me. I am the Fire, I am my own motivation, internal inspiration and drive to achieve. Remember Mark said the corpus callosum (the bridge between the left and right brain) is more fully developed in musicians. If that is the case (and I personally believe it is) then we who are not musicians can learn and benefit from the rhythm, vibrations and the eloquence of the word architecture the embed in their lyrics… how they use it to express their journey and share it with us.

With the help of Lzzy Hale, rock musician and lead singer of the band Halestorm, I’ll walk you through what must have been a parallel universe (more likely, the Universal Mind) and the internal talk I experienced when I first heard the tune and the instructive lyrics. It’s almost like she has been through the Master Key Experience a chronicled the hero’s journey she has experienced.

Yes, this is for my hard rock friends who often don’t even know they are on their own hero’s journey aligned with the Master Key System and the things we are learning in the MKMMA. If you are not into fairly hard rock, feel free to read it as a poem and draw your own inspiration and points to draw power from. So, with that in mind, I’m going to share my internal conversations as I walked through the full lyrics.

I Am The Fire by Lzzy Hale of Halestorm

Am I brave enough? I felt and asked this question of ourselves as we
began our Master Key journey.
Am I strong enough? Mark Januszewski and The Fabulous Daven echoed Haanel’s admonition to Never start anything I
couldn’t finish or see through to the end.
To follow the desire I have had this desire throughout my life to reach
beyond my current circumstances and a
life of “quiet desperation”.
That burns from within My heart has often ached to simply believe, to
have Faith that I can be more than I have been…
To push away my fear Enter the Law of Substitution, the only tool to
help with vanquishing my fears of inadequacy and societally hypnotised weaknesses!
To stand where I’m afraid On the scene comes Og Mandino with Scroll III,
I Persist Until I Succeed.”
I am through with this No more River of Dreams for me! I now know
there is more, I can be more…
Cuz I am more than this I now feel in my heart that I am more, I am
unique and have special gifts to share
with others “I give without expectation of
reciprocity from the channels I enrich, because
I know I am…” stepping into the dynamic
flow of giving and receiving!
I promise to myself And here is the granddaddy of them all,
“I Always Keep My Promise”. With every
commitment we make to ourselves we etch it
into our souls with this phrase as covenant
to complete the tasks to move forward and
accomplish our Plan of Action.
Alone and no one else I am accountable to myself and no one
else as long as we do no harm to their good.
My flame is rising higher The more I study the system, understand and
add the Enthusiasm it generates as fuel
to create more Enthusiasm
, my commitment
and my faith expands exponentially to carry
me forward faster and faster!
I am the fire I, and I alone am the fire. No outside influence
or force will have a lasting effect on me reaching
my goals. I am personally responsible and accountable
to me (SMART goals are what I will use to
measure my progress).
I am burning brighter With each passing day and every repeat of my
DMP and Service cards, I can feel the urgency building.
Roaring like a storm I Always Infuse Enthusiasm into every reading as
the dividends are enormous. Remember the
50 minutes of reading your one-sentence
? I was amazed at the energy it required
and  then subsequently returned over the
next day or two, amazing!
And I am the one I’ve been waiting for I spent much of my life looking for others I admired
to shepherd me toward my goals, no more.
I am a Lion. and I refuse to talk, to walk,
to sleep, with sheep! 
I am my own strength, my
own support and I am more than enough
to keep the internal flames alight. I do need a
mastermind to generate perspectives I have never
thought of but, I remain the responsible one.
Screaming like a siren The more elation and gratitude I put into my
Enthusiastic readings, the higher my return
on investment (ROI) to myself and to those in my life.
Alive and burning brighter With all I am learning, life is so much more than
it was before
… brighter, more opportunities and
I am more willing to stretch and reach for my dreams.
I am the fire Again, I am the fire, no one else… my confidence grows.
I’ve been sacrificed Society has trained me well to go along to get along;
the mandate is conformity to mediocrity.
Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In the Wall” comes
to mind along with Mark’s frequent references to
the Billy Joel classic “River of Dreams”.
My Hearts been cauterized Sadly, over time and through many soul-sucking
experiences, my heart lost much of its will to risk
being hurt and extending my hand to build
relationships. I now recognize this and I use the
Achievement and Gratitude exercises
soften and warm what once was cold and dark.
Hanging on to hope Hope and faith are now restored through
truth and knowledge
of the way, the path to
gaining the cooperation of other people, I now
induce others to serve me. because of my
willingness to serve others.
shackled by the ghost The “reality holograph” of what is real once
kept me from really exploring, from
reaching my unlimited potential.
Of what I once believed My beliefs in these falsehoods are now falling
away as the cocoon of the caterpillar reveals the
butterfly with wings outstretched and yearning to fly.
That I could never be An image of me prior to the Master Key system,
head hung low, plodding along.
Whats right in front of me It’s been there all along, greatness in so many ways
I am the fire Enthusiasm rises in my heart to heights unknown before
I am burning brighter With knowledge and learning comes
and the ability to see what
was invisible before.
Roaring like a storm Like a storm, disruptive, powerful and ever moving
from west to east, the nurturing rains follow
to power the growth that is to come
. “I love
the rain for it cleanses my spirit.’
And I am the one I’ve been waiting for I talk to the Guy in the Glass and recognize
him as the man I have been waiting 
for to
be my companion, my accountability
partner throughout my journey.
Screaming like a siren Now my mid-day exercise and reading my
cards again, strength renewed and
Alive and burning brighter I feel so alive, bright enough to light
the way for others
I am the fire Warm, comforting and motivating, the flame of
Thought within is mine to control at will
I don’t believe I’ll fall from grace I turn to the Master System in addition to other ,
I believe it augments my personal faith.
Won’t Let the past decide my fate “Failure, like pain is alien to my life. In the past
I accepted it as I accepted pain.
Now I reject it
and am prepared for wisdom and principles
which guide me out of the shadows…” My past
performance and mistakes are lessons I use to
win, I persist, I win… “I build my castle one
brick at a time for I know that small attempt, repeated, 
complete any undertaking“.
(Og Mandino Scroll I & III)
Leave forgiveness in my wake I forgive all the wrongs I have burdened myself
with and leave them all behind trailing me like
the silent wake a boat leaves fading into the distance.
Take the love that I’ve Embraced Again, my man in the mirror repeats daily,
“I love you man!”, like one else can!
I promise to myself, me and no one else I Always Keep My Promise!
I am more than this I am part of a larger whole, “the Father and I
are one
” (The Master Key System by Charles F Haanel)
I am the fire… I am the source of my progress and my
burning desire
Final Chorus…

If you have a favorite song with lyrics that stir you to greatness, Please, Please share your songs and poems in the comments below!!

You and your interpretation of a particular lyric could bring someone else to recognize their greatness or search for it as a member of the Master Key Experience and a fully satisfying life of personal achievement as well as service to others. This is what lifts societies and communities, it people like you and me taking full personal responsibility for our own successes and learning from our missteps to rebuild our castles, our families and our homes one brick at a time, filled with enthusiasm and Thoughtful Living.


Week 13 – Realize Your Unity With Omnipotence

Mercury Persistently Seeks Unity

Week twelve’s exercise asked that we “Realize your unity with omnipotence”. In week thirteen, we are told that “when you come into the realization of the fact that you, not your body but the Ego, the “I”, the spirit which thinks, is an integral part of the great whole, that it is the same substance, in quality, in kind, that the Creator could create nothing different from Himself” (The Master Key System – Charles F Haanel). So why have two consecutive chapter exercises been guiding us to a vision that we are in fact, part of a great universal oneness? It seems Haanel thought important enough to say and train on the matter repeatedly, i.e. help us practice this specific thought. To what end.

Now watch these two Tedx talks and define the the truth related to lessons we are learning from Haanel’s and our Master Key Alliance each video exposes in their own unique way and from their own perspectives…

Now, let’s consider the final phrase from our Magician friend Brian Miller; “our world is a shared experience, fractured by individual experience”. Is he not saying that unity and the universal is from where we came and our destiny or rather our perfect state is one devoid of Ego. Like Ed, the blind man who howled with laughter and pride in knowing the simple signals and how to respond to Brian’s questions about color or each card, we now have “signals” to respond or substitute more appropriate and correct thoughts in order to bring ourselves nearer to unity with the universal. Imagine his joy and confidence in becoming one with Brian, the source of the signals…

What a slap to the forehead! So, like mercury being drawn back to itself, only Ego blocks our unity. The desire to be separate even superior needs to be eliminated. The mental diet is the exercise to strip us of Ego thus affording us the pure attraction back to our perfection. Going back to 12.18 (Chapter 12, paragraph 18) in the Master Key System where it says, “the principle which gives the thought dynamic power to correlate with its object, and therefore to master every adverse human experience, is the law of attraction, which is another name for love”.

I’ve always been more open and generous around this time of year, the warm fuzzy feelings and of course the sappy movies depicting renewal of relationships, kindness and the setting aside of Ego as in one my favorite of movies Scrooge. During the holiday season, I can set aside some of my own scrooge-like behaviors of being solitary and focused on business and getting things done and rally to the Christmas spirit.

Now I know it is much more than that and that the camouflage is totally unnecessary; those with whom I mastermind here in the Master Key Experience and those with whom I network in my business are very much like me. Like Brian said in the video, this world is a shared experience, rich with colors, smells, sights, sounds and flavors. The Master Key System is teaching us how to allow the mercury to find our own and experience the oneness with our purpose and our universal power.

Secondly, the Go90Grow experience being predicated on the above helps us avoid the Ego and Limbic alert systems such that we can find and rally the hero in our fellow human beings, who are also fractured parts of the universal to which we all belong. As Mark E. Sackett stated in his talk, 70% of us (these disparate parts of the universal mind) are not living in our passion. Many don’t even dare to ask themselves what they want. The pull toward the rest of the mercury seems a self-indulgent sin, It is Not! We are serving our fellow members of the universal and giving them a tremendous gift by inviting them to take the hero’s journey and live their lives, from their own perspective and not the blueprints of others running like robots, preprogrammed and dead many years prior to our eventual burial.

Either way, and via either of these course, we become the forward troops to a cause, that only deities have dared to dream! Can you feel it? The excitement of being some of the first to really understand what reward awaits the hours of hard mental work and effort… it’s your DMP!

To further cement the picture of the enthusiasm and emotion of a Hero’s Journey, watch this clip and think of Rudy achieving his one, solitary definite major purpose. Think about him when your meet tonight with your guy or gal in the mirror. See if it does not motivate you like it does me to press on and persist… find your quest (your PPNs and DMP) and DO IT NOW!!!


Week 8 – Old Tunes Bring New Life

Old Tunes: The recording of my DMP and my PPNs offered the opportunity to search for music to make up for my less than enthusiastic readings. What a joy!

In the end, I couldn’t choose what to use for the background so I made several different ones in Audacity. My primary recording uses Climb Every Mountain with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as the emotional infusion. What power; those words and that melody always brings out the chills and motivates an arms raised shout of Yes!

An alternate which I created has the special audio mix produced by Dr Wayne Dyer called the Moses Code or I Am That I Am. Dr Dyer explained that the words I Am are the strongest in nearly every language and the tuning fork tones in the audio evoke a vibrational state to encourage uplifting and inspirational thoughts and belief.

There are several other more contemporary tunes which as I thought over the lyrics, they are easily applied to my DMP in particular. Like, The Alan Parsons Project ‎– Don’t Hold Back.



Some are born to lose their heads
And some are born to use them
And some will never know their ends
And some are born to choose them

Don’t let your fantasies be blinded by the light
You don’t have to save your wildest dreams for the night

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out
Some you win and some you lose
And some will bring you sorrow
Some are born to lead the rest
And some are born to follow
Don’t rely on miracles to open any door
And don’t let a shadow be your guide anymore

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out
Ride the wave of destiny
Rise above the crest
And believe everything that happens to you happens for the best
Don’t allow the world of men
To turn your head no more
Cause if you can’t let yourself go
What are you saving yourself for?

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out

Don’t let your fantasies be blinded by the light
For you don’t have to save your wildest dreams for the night

Don’t hold back, don’t hold back, don’t hold back, reach out
Touch the sky with your mind’s eye, don’t be afraid to reach out


So, with encouragement from musical story-teller’s lyrics, the Alliance, Haanel and Og Mandino I press forward and affirm, I move confidently in the direction of my dreams as I “touch the sky with my mind’s eye” and reach out… Old Tunes always lend themselves to rebirth.


Week 6 – In the Flow of Dynamic Giving and Receiving

Do It From The Heart Or Not At All

It’s been a week filled with pausing to recognize and express gratitude for “the gifts that surround me”. Opportunities to see and feel calming emotions and peace in the journey. It’s working folks!

Fall has the woods around our house all atwitter (no not the social media type) with all the animals scrambling for food to stockpile for the winter. They all act as though they are late but, I digress. Several times this week, I’ve been at the bird feeder refilling and one of our winged residents have taken the time to stop and chatter at or maybe with me. When you stop to consider what we are to them, it only begs the question, why don’t we more often consider what they are to us. Everything with it’s purpose as a contributor to the whole and the perfectness that we all, either in harmony or disharmony, have jointly created.

On the DMP and PPNs this week, there have been several new relationships and breakthroughs that just weeks ago would have seemed impossible. I am still not perfect in my execution of the tasks and exercises but, I am getting stronger and more magnetic in attracting the people around me that I need to fully realize my goals.

The first time I read the second scroll of Og Mandino, I completely came unglued. I could only read on line at a time as my heart could take no more. I have since been able to be a bit more composed, even reassured at each subsequent reading. Anyone else have this issue when thinking of the word love and its application to everyone and anyone you meet or come into contact with? It was just shocking how  the bumpy became smooth and the tension became calming relaxation.

When you slip into this flow, you’ll know it! People, opportunities and conversations all seem to contribute to your forward movement. Best of all tangible evidences of the “mechanism whereby you can create for yourself Health, Strength, Success, Prosperity or any other condition which you desire”, are there for the observer in all of us. We just need to look, and look again deeper and more focused on nature (in my case) and bridge from the familiar to the less familiar; until it becomes a friend. Until subby befriends the vision and simply executes on delivering it to us… Vision in only your minds eye, infused with emotion is like exposed film touched by rays of light only needing persistence and insistence to be developed into a magnificent scene to be framed, displayed, observed and enjoyed by all.


Week 5 – Dumping the Drama, Distractions and Taking Flight

Golden Eagle Take-off

This week has been a lot action consumed in my giving up on a distractions addiction of mine. I have always thought of myself as “thirsting for knowledge” when if fact, many would think of me as an information hoarder if truth be told.

This week I unsubscribed from nearly 300 newsletters, social media feeds and the like to throttle my addiction and create a new thrill. You can’t imagine what it was like to get up each morning and find only 20 emails in my inbox that hadn’t been read! Wow, talk about relief. It made me feel like I was an eagle taking flight along a path I’d yet to discover…

Do I miss the other information? Sure, there are still lingering peptides and receptor sites ready for docking and release of that old familiar feeling of “comfortably numb”. The old way was total distraction from moving forward and achieving, i.e. risking failure by attempting to do something to build the business. Moving forward would force me to forego the excuse that I need to know more before I do anything.

Albert Einstein said it best, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

This week the Master Key System and the MKMMA pushed me out of the comfortable nest and into the freedom of flight. Best of all I achieved my very first element, on time, from my DMP in that on or before October 31st, 2015 I “unsubscribed from all non-business social media alerts and newsletters and their consuming weight of “unnecessary knowledge” outside of my goals.” THIS ROCKS!! The freedom that comes from letting go of excuses (i.e. my peptide addictions) is amazing. I am remapping my synapses and rewiring my brain for something better.

Haanel has it absolutely right…
5-28. “All possession is the result of the accumulative attitude of mind, or the money consciousness; this is the magic wand which will enable you to receive the idea, and it will formulate plans for you to execute, and you will find as much pleasure in the execution as in the satisfaction of attainment and achievement.”


Week – 3 – Zeroing In On Our Neurological Chemical Addictions; “Sacrifice” Blocking My DMP

Evolve Your Brain

I think I got it this past Sunday when Davene Januszewski was talking about what I could “give up” or sacrifice in order to reach my goals. I the prior week I had been all befuddled by the question coming from my guide and mentor but, it suddenly hit me.

In his book “Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind”, Dr Joe Dispenza (of What the Bleep fame) shares that we are all addicted to particular chemicals in our brain.

Like spastic drug addicts some of us crave pity, others physical abuse, still others must have a steady stream of attention and will do anything to get it (seems to me this one is rampant with the “reality show” casts).

So, if I combine that with the similar explanation that Mark Januszewski gave us in our first week, I get that I must give up the  chemical that is the foundation of supporting me always being timid and less assertive than I can be. The outward expression (in kind terms) is shyness. For those of you preferring  a real reality show script, its called scared shitless! How is that for embedding emotion and colorful artful expression!

So, my sacrifice is to be not deluding myself that I can be “shy” still get what I plan for my life. The key is to use the The Blueprint Builder (BPB) daily exercises to pound that addiction into extinction and replace it with a super confident and unquestioning commitment to just doing what is required to reach the targets set.

This week alone I have spoken with several rather intimidating individuals (due the their positions in companies) and did not even flinch at dialing the phone. It used to be the standard wringing of hands and wondering how to parse words to sound worthy of listening to or considering my consults. That “habit” is quickly fading… in it’s place is a far more calm and centered “new man” ready to engage in meaningful conversation absent the stuttering, stammering or looking at my shoes routine that may been just part of an act to get my chemical fix.

We all have something we hold dear to that holds us back, What’s yours? Now that you have found the culprit, squash it like a grape and make a full bodies, robust wine of your life and enjoy it with friends and family unhindered by your chemical addictions (bad habits).


Week 2 – Definite Major Purpose “DMP”

Breaking Through The Wall

I am working really hard to review and revise my DMP. The DMP (Definite Major Purpose) document is like the north star against which I will reference my charts, my plans, and my tactics to achieve that which I had set out to do with my life. Sally McGhee, author of “Take Back Your Life!” and productivity consultant wrote about a concept similar to be applied in the framework of David Allen’s book Getting Things done. She calls here elements Meaningful Objectives against which all emails and potential commitments of time and effort are to be applied.

It goes like this, I get an email and read enough to know whether there is an action or not. If there is an action requested by the sender, will it further my Meaningful Objectives (i.e. one of the elements in my DMP)? If it does not, I disengage or withhold my commitment to the sender. If only life were so simple. Maybe, with a perfectly crafted DMP it can be…

Maybe, with a perfectly crafted DMP it can be… Life, in my opinion, was not meant to be fretted about and deliberated to do, or not to do endlessly. These activities motivated, by fear or lack of clarity in one’s own mind, equate to mental masturbation and provide no value to me or to anyone else. The DMP is a focused effort to provide clarity, directed motivation and enthusiasm for the end result for which both I and others can be grateful.

It is amazing to me how working through this DMP exercise revitalizes me to a level of commitment and energy to pursue my goals. I am truly grateful for the chance to work with my guide Patricia who is forcing me to see what I have written in a new light and from the perspective of the subby. She has already recognized my tendency to speak in a language that my subconscious likely believes I am some politician; with lots of words and yet a vagueness that denies me the ability to be barely understood by anyone listening let alone my subby’s preferred 3rd grade level of simplicity. It’s this circular or flourished thinking that is the firewall between me and my life’s purpose… and I fully intend to get it right and burst through that brick wall!



Week 1 – Today, I Am A New Man

Today I Am A New Man

There are so many things that have transpired since I started my Master Key adventure this past week (yes, only one week!). Each time I read the words of Og Mandino “… today I am a new man, with a new life” I feel a surge of encouragement and conviction that I have rarely felt. It rings true and further commits me to the tasks at hand. Not the doing for those are but the effects but, rather of the thinking and envisioning of my plans and commitments.

The adjusting of my less than optimal habits, and eliminating those that are blocking my progress has begun starting with the daily routines. I’ve been in stealth mode until just last evening with regard to telling my family of my journey. Several things in my business came together in such a way as to have them wonder what it is that I am doing in my office late and why it is that I have avoided spending time with television as was prior my routine. They will call it meditation for now, and that will suffice.

The creation of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) has also further energize me in my efforts and my commitment to completing the journey until its final culmination of making the process of replacing bad habits with good has also become a habit in which I take great joy and relish the discovery of yet to be extricated bad habits. With each discovery and prioritization of my weeding out of the bad, a new feature of my future is planted alongside the current maturing man eventually to have its chaff winnowed and purified until nothing but pure and valuable principles remain.

Even the drafting of my DMP only took one pass as the exercises had cleared my thoughts sufficiently to allow focus on those things I truly value and the people I want my life to be filled with. Scattered and confused think to date had diffused my energy and my thinking thus creating a barrier between me and the man I want to be. The Master Key lesson one made that so clear and helped motivate a renewed commitment to recognizing and replacing clarity and focus in place of any fuzzy “goals” I had previously tossed about in my head. These only served as excuses in past as the fog upon which I could lay blame when my ship ran aground.

I stand ready to chart the next leg of my journey toward a life in which I contribute to the lives of others and fill my life with the relax satisfaction of making a difference to those who have done for me or will do for others in the classic MKMMA fashion.


Week 1 – We’re Back to Our Future!

The Unites States Constitution

It seems only yesterday I began the 2015 MKMMA pay it forward course and now I am back to audit the course a second time. The first pass was such a blessing to me in solidifying my major purpose in my life. The processes were so aligned with the way I think and know I can achieve what I set out to accomplish.

Between Haanel and Og Mandino, and the foundational principles they teach, I’ve been able to build a far more robust strategy for my life, my family and those to whom I wish to deliver value. Last year when I began these studies, I had my project management background to help with this type of planning but, to say this the next level of refinement is to do it a terrible injustice. These frameworks and mental conditioning instill a confidence and fearlessness that I had never before known and now relish as I move forward.

Mark J has a favorite sentence for Part 15 of Haanel and which he shared in our first week’s webcast. A portion of the sentence reads… ” the words out of which this temple will eventually be created are exact, that they are put together carefully, because accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success”. This has particular weight in our first week’s assignment as we start creating our life by design based on our Definite Major Purpose (DMP).

The DMP become our north star, the root objectives to which we can return and focus throughout the coming year or however long we plan to accomplish the goal. So, with that, I return to reading and re-reading my carefully crafted DMP knowing it is from this document, my own constitution if you will, combined with the guiding principles from this course that all return on efforts expended will return to me a hundredfold.