Transform Your Self Confidence With Positive Thinking

Self Confidence

The Search for Self Confidence

Self confidence exercises combined with positive thinking queues from within the Master Key Master Mind Alliance training has been a great start to my new life as a self-direct conscious being. I know that sounds a bit odd but, let share with you what I mean.

Most people on this planet walk around, going through their daily grind asleep; yes, nearly on autopilot and certainly without recognizing most of what they are doing. More importantly, many live a life of “quiet desperation” talking to themselves in the most derogatory terms that they would never use with a loved one, their favorite pet or even most strangers. It would be clearly recognized as rude, anti-social and likely not be tolerated. Yet, we call ourselves names, curse, threaten and degrade our performance on a regular basis.

What You Think Of Yourself Is Much More Important Than What Other People Think Of You. ~ Seneca

Self-confidence is obviously a fantasy… Given the 24-7 onslaught from none other than, you guessed it, YOU!

If you are not a part of this self-flagellating crowd, I am happy beyond words for you and for those around you as they flock to see what makes you tick, and observe in hopes that some of that self-assurance (likely seen as bravado) will rub off on them and they too can enjoy the glow that eliminates from that light from within.


For the rest of you, you probably have tried a multitude of course, books, yoga, meditation, scriptures and maybe even spent thousands on a weekend retreat or two with some guru who said he or she had the path to discover your purpose and align yourself with your inner being. Guess what… the moment you left that nurturing environment, you crumpled under your own criticisms. Am I right? Take solace in the fact that you are most certainly not alone!

5 Daily Habits

Here are 5 self confidence solutions you can try today, and continue as a daily habit to build your confidence like putting one foot in front of the other…

  1. Reflect on a wonderful moment from the past 24 hrs. You will be amazed at how you will begin to find more and more of them to fill your mind with self confidence that, in fact, your life is not going to hell in a handbasket or better still you’ll find little successes that lead to greater ones over time.
  2. Write down 3 things you are grateful for in your life or that you have accomplished. These can be little things like your husband rinsed his dish before putting it into the dishwasher, your son or daughter asked for your help in doing their homework or practicing shooting hoops. For me, I tend to see the wonder in nature and am grateful every morning for some fantastic songbird greeting me as I rise to a new day.
  3. Do something physical, exercise a bit. It doesn’t need to be hitting the gym for a full on session it can be as simple as walking up the stairs in your house and then down and up again. Just something the you can take satisfaction in that you accomplished again for you.
  4. Now, find someone for whom you can perform any simple and random act of kindness for. Smile at someone; who knows, you may be the warmth that turns a cold day into blissful sunshine for another. Hug your kids longer before they leave for school. Maybe a bit longer of a welcome home kiss for your wife or husband (or boyfriend/girlfriend). If you can find a way to do something without them knowing it was you, it is even better. It’s good to have secrets related to doing things for others and not getting credit for it. Karma pays dividends in so many ways…
  5. Last but, my favorite, take time to sit and think in a quiet place all to your self. In the book The Master Key System by Charles F Haanel, Part 12-25 he says, “The intention governs the attention. Power comes from repose.” In the Master Mind we call this time our “Sacred Sit”, the last thing we do before going to bed so our mind is clear and focused ready for a night of rest and open for intuition. You would be amazed at what a little alone thinking time will do to build your inner strength. Push back on the pressures and just settle into clear and focused thought on asking for the answers you need to live your life in balance and on purpose.

These 5 daily habits (yes, you must do them long enough to become habits) will boost your self confidence and increase positive thinking in subtle and small ways until one day, you come to recognize the simplicity of it all.

This is how is was for me. Going through the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course, over 6 months of 3 times a day tasks, exercises and remoulding my mental blueprint has set me on the road I have been searching for most of my adult life.

Challenges seem smaller, partnership failures shrink to their proportionate size and the richness of my simple life, nature and close relationships expand to make me so grateful I am alive and making progress towards my goals.

As Seneca once said,

It’s Not Because Things Are Difficult That We Dare Not Venture. It’s Because We Dare Not Venture That They Are Difficult.

The lack of self-confidence;

Fear is a Tourniquet on Thought ~ Mark Vitor Hansen

Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson